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Integrated automotive PR and events solutions


Integrated automotive PR and events solutions


Automotive PR services

  • Strategic and tactical PR consultancy

    PFPR harnesses its automotive PR and media relations expertise to offer high level strategic consultancy and long-term communications planning. From consulting on international media communications strategies to tactical implementation on a global, regional or local scale for clients large and small, PFPR blends unrivalled expertise with a highly creative approach to deliver tangible results.

  • Creative PR campaigns

    PFPR conceives ideas that cut through the ambient media noise. Being automotive PR specialists doesn’t just mean we understand and work with the automotive media. Developing high-impact creative solutions that deliver automotive-related content to non-motoring media is paramount to the success of our client PR programmes. Our campaigns have generated results in news, business and lifestyle media all around the world and online through social media channels.

  • Full press office services

    Since PFPR was founded in 2001, our team has become an extension of the in-house PR teams of many clients. We operate dedicated press office functions with account teams working 24/7 to ensure every media opportunity is taken, every journalist enquiry is answered and every request is fulfilled promptly and accurately. Clients trust us to act on their behalf which is testament to our professionalism and to the strength of our relationships with the media.

  • Crisis communications and issue management

    The world closely watches the global automotive industry, so automotive businesses need a plan in case the worst should happen. PFPR develops crisis communications and issue management plans for global automotive brands and works around the clock – often with zero notice – to limit media and public exposure to any emerging issues. With in-depth knowledge of how the international media operates and a complete approach to managing social media, PFPR supports clients in handling the most stressful and demanding situations.

  • Internal communications

    Internal communications are essential in underpinning external media and public-facing activities. PFPR has wide-ranging experience in delivering campaigns within this key channel, whether we are producing regular newsletters and updates or delivering large-scale internal briefing events and supporting corporate change management programmes. 

  • Digital and social media

    Many of the greatest communications opportunities – and challenges – arise through online and social media, social networking sites and bloggers. PFPR guides clients through digital and social media campaigns with confidence and with a full understanding of the immediacy and dynamics of each medium. We manage strategic planning and implementation of digital and social media activities, applying our automotive PR experience across all online platforms.

  • Website copywriting with SEO

    Generating copy to ensure a client’s online ‘shop window’ is succinct, impactful and compelling is a rare skill. Our writers ensure cilents' websites deliver key messages, with a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy, and regular updates with fresh, engaging content. We support planning, concept and design phases for websites, ensuring that the look and feel, functionality, accessibility and usability are always optimised for target audiences.

  • Copywriting

    Our skilled writers generate copy of the highest quality for a wide range of media, marketing and sales materials – news releases, newsletters, press kits, product packaging, company brochures, corporate annual reports, presentations and speeches. PFPR's team – which includes former journalists and editors – knows exactly how to craft clients' key messages into copy that fully engages target audiences.

  • Media monitoring and analysis

    From basic publication reading services to in-depth analysis of tonality, share of voice and perception, we are able to report on a weekly or monthly basis. We work with specialist agencies to monitor, measure and assess the impact of our client campaigns. Where same-day services are required, PFPR delivers a bespoke reading and analysis service, with dedicated media assistants delivering prompt and accurate reports every day.

  • Publishing projects

    Our design team's tight grasp of page design, production values, sub-editing and artistic creativity are used to manage publications from internal newsletters to corporate brochures and high quality magazines for global audiences.

  • Press fleet management

    PFPR manages press fleets of up to 150 vehicles. Understanding the balance between the demands of the media and clients' logistical and budgetary parameters, PFPR's fleet team ensures that major investments in press fleets always deliver valuable returns in reaching influencers and securing media coverage. 

  • Photo and video shoots

    We know that photography and video assets are crucial to any automotive PR activity. Social media platforms from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram and Snapchat highlight the immediacy with which photos and video assets can be captured, shared and spread around the world. Visual assets must be on-message and always inspire and stimulate interest in the blink of an eye. PFPR works with the world's best automotive photographers and video production companies to ensure that our brief, locations, execution and post-production efforts deliver assets that achieve the required impact.

Events Services

Events services

  • Corporate events and conferences

    Our production and event specialists delight clients by bringing to life the communication of corporate messages and information for many audiences – dealers, business and political media, financial analysts, investors and commentators. PFPR's events team has staged events for global corporations to announce their financial results and have delivered the introduction of an international bank’s new corporate strategy. We even managed the media conference to announce the largest deal in shipping history, a multi-billion dollar contract to build 10 of the world’s largest container ships.

  • Product launch events

    We have an unrivalled record in delivering exceptional launch events and have planned and managed the introduction of over 250 new and revised cars to media, dealers and fleet customers. PFPR's events team stages impactful product launches in the UK, across mainland Europe, Asia, North Africa and the USA – ranging from bespoke weekend events for Car of the Year judges through to month-long pan-European launches for 500+ media. We manage every aspect, including event concept and creation, venue and drive route research, guest invitation and registration, presentation content and production, plus all participant and vehicle logistics.

  • Road, circuit and off-road driving events

    We understand that driving events for media, dealers or customers must demonstrate and highlight a vehicle’s capabilities and key features in an interesting and dynamic yet controlled and safe environment. PFPR's automotive events team has decades of experience in matching locations, venues and road or off-road routes to a client’s requirements and a vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses. We provide turn-key automotive events that are informative, enjoyable and memorable for media, dealers and customers, ensuring the successful communication of brand and product messages.

  • Experiential events

    Memorable experiential activities are usually fun and exciting for participants, but our automotive events specialists understand that for our clients the events must also deliver ROI by building media, dealer or customer awareness, interest and understanding of the brand or product. PFPR's events speicalists have created and managed a wide range of experiential events: some have been based entirely around driving while others have extended the experience through the inclusion of other dynamic activities. Always conceived to underpin a brand’s positioning, these have included stunt-driving, aerobatic aircraft, hovercraft, speedboats and racecars.

  • Media stunts, video and photo shoots

    One of the many strengths in our team is the way our event and logistics specialists work closely with our PR account team, sharing knowledge, experience and skills to provide our clients with a one-stop service. When our automotive PR experts come up with creative ideas, they turn to our events team to deliver the locations, logistics and facilities. It's an approach we call “Two specialities, one team”.

  • Incentive and VIP events

    Our creative approach to events has produced numerous stand-out VIP experiences for media and special reward or incentive events for customers and dealers. The key to our success in achieving client objectives for these carefully-targeted activities is the way we plan and deliver a bespoke service. PFPR's events specialists create unique, distinctive and memorable events that leave a lasting positive impression on the participants and provide valuable relationship-building for our clients.

  • Bespoke media drives

    To create impactful media driving experiences often means exploring new parts of the world to arrange specially-tailored experiences for journalists and our clients. Bespoke drives we’ve delivered over the years have led media to a race circuit on a remote Swedish island, a cultural festival in Peru, and across the frozen lakes of Alaska in mid-winter. As any petrolhead knows, it’s not just about the destination, it's also about the journey. PFPR's automotive events team has conceived bespoke media driving experiences for the world’s foremost road testers in locations they’d never dreamed of reaching.

  • Travel and visa management

    Our automotive events and PR teams work closely to bring to life the most creative and impactful vehicle launches, media drives and press events. But these would all come to nought if members of the press weren’t able to attend in the first place. From Alaska and Australia to Uzbekistan and Zambia, we’ve managed travel plans and visas for thousands of guests to all corners of the globe. Whether it's a simple one-way flight or a multi-leg pan-Eurasian drive through a dozen countries for journalists from around the world, quietly, in the background, our events team moves mountains to ensure guests arrive and depart without a hitch.