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New Vredestein ultra-high-performance winter tyre delivers improved durability, handling and safety

11 June 2024

Apollo Tyres has launched the Vredestein Wintrac Pro+, a dedicated premium winter tyre for ultra-high-performance cars and SUVs – including the latest generation of performance-focused electric vehicles.

Compared to its Wintrac Pro predecessor, the new winter tyre has an advanced new tread compound that helps deliver improved standards of grip, traction and braking performance on snow, slush and ice, as well as a reduction in rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency / enhanced driving range. It also retains the Wintrac Pro’s superior wet grip rating and segment-leading durability.

The Wintrac Pro+ is available to order now and is offered in a choice of over 120 sizes for rims from 17- to 22-inches. Most products in the new Wintrac Pro+ range have a ‘Y’ speed rating, making them appropriate for use at speeds of up to 300 km/h (186mph), and all are certified with the ‘Three Peak Mountain Snowflake’ symbol, indicating compliance with EU winter tyre regulations (ECE R117) for use on snow and ice.

To help the tyre bite into snowy surfaces, the Wintrac Pro+ features a new tailor-made blend of next-generation polymers and resins that facilitate greater flexibility in the tread-blocks, even at extremely low temperatures. The new compound is complemented by a tread pattern that incorporates sharply angled centre grooves and shoulder sipes to ensure consistent cornering response in challenging winter conditions. Equal pressure distribution across the tread optimises traction on snow, while horizontal sipes in the central area facilitate progressive braking and acceleration. As a result of these measures, on snow the new Wintrac Pro+ has 4% better braking, 5% better traction, and up to 20% better handling compared to the Wintrac Pro (reference size, 245/45 R18 100V XL).

The tyre retains the high levels of durability associated with the Wintrac Pro line, featuring an advanced new blend of polymers and fillers in the tread compound to help resist wear; more than sufficient for use across multiple winter seasons. The Wintrac Pro+ builds on the success of the Wintrac Pro which was independently rated as delivering segment-leading mileage*.

Also contributing to the tyre’s lower overall whole-life cost is the reduced rolling resistance – as much as 7% lower that the Wintrac Pro (size, 245/45 R18 100V XL). The use of low-hysteresis materials in the tread and body compounds help the tyre jump a label class for rolling resistance in many of the available dimensions.

Engineers at Apollo Tyres’ European R&D headquarters in Enschede in the Netherlands have ensured that the materials used for the structure of the Wintrac Pro+ contribute to its lower environmental impact, as well as its improved handling and safety. The proportion of renewable and recycled input materials has been increased from 20.4% to 26.5%, while carbon footprint during the ‘cradle to gate’ production phase has been cut by 4% compared with the Wintrac Pro (reference size 245/45 R18 100V XL).

Thanks to the new tyre’s high silica and resin content for the compound, wet performance is directly comparable with that of the Wintrac Pro, which was widely lauded as being best in class for grip and safety on wet surfaces.

The Wintrac Pro+ is well suited to fitment on modern plug-in cars. The low rolling resistance increases driving range, while most tyres in the range have an ‘XL’ load index, meaning they can accommodate the increased loads associated with a higher vehicle mass, when required.

Proven winter performance across six decades

The Vredestein brand has been active in the winter category since the 1960s, when it launched its pioneering M&S 187 winter radial tyre. The first generation of Wintrac tyre was launched in 1996 and the range has evolved significantly ever since, notably with the arrival of performance-focused derivatives including the Wintrac Xtreme and Wintrac Pro that have given enthusiast drivers the assurance of superior all-weather cornering grip, short stopping distances and impressive control even at high speeds.

Yves Pouliquen, Group Head of Sales and Marketing at Apollo Tyres, commented: “The ultra-high-performance category is taking a growing share of the overall winter tyre market, reflecting the popularity of performance-focused saloons, SUVs and plug-in cars. This is where the effective management of torque and overall mass is critical for maximising safety, control and driver confidence.

“We now plan to showcase the Vredestein brand, and our expanding winter and all-season tyre portfolios, through a range of new winter-sports marketing programmes, including an agreement to become Official Main Sponsor of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2025.”

For more information, please visit: https://www.vredestein.co.uk/

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